Hartpury College

Structure of Corporation

The Corporation is a legal body constituted under the Further and Higher Education Act 1992 and consists of 16 members from all walks of life and a cross section of the community which it serves including staff and students from the College. In business terms it equates to a board of directors in a company.

Under the current Articles of Government the Corporation is responsible for:

  • the determination of the educational character and mission of the institution and for the oversight of its activities;
  • the effective and efficient use of resources, the solvency of the institution and the Corporation and for safeguarding their assets;
  • approving the quality strategy of the institution;
  • approving annual estimates of income and expenditure;
  • the appointment, grading, suspension, dismissal and determination of the pay and conditions of service of the holders of senior posts and the clerk (including, where the clerk is, or is to be appointed as, a member of staff, his appointment, grading, suspension, dismissal and determination of pay in his capacity as a member of staff);
  • setting a framework for the pay and conditions of service of all other staff.

Through amendments to the Further and Higher Education Act 1992 (inserted by the Education Act 2011) a wide range of restrictions and controls on college corporations have been removed, putting colleges on a similar footing to charities operating within the private/independent sector. The Secretary of State will no longer have the power to amend or revoke a corporation’s instruments and articles. Instead this power will sit with the corporation, which will be able to change the Instrument and Articles to help meet their needs. The legislative requirements for the instrument and articles are now reduced to a minimum core of essential elements.

The College's Instrument and Articles of Government have been automatically changed from 1st April 2012 by the Modification of Instruments and Articles of Government Order 2012. Further changes were approved by the Corporation in July 2012 and October 2013.

The Hartpury College Corporation membership is comprised of:-

  • 12 Non-executive Members
  • 1 Staff member
  • 2 Student members
  • Representative of the University of the West of England
  • The Principal

Attendance at Corporation Meetings

The Corporation is required to meet at least once per academic term and is quorate only when at least 40% of its Members are present. The Corporation agrees annually its Governance Targets which includes targets for attendance at Corporation and Committee Meetings.

The Clerk to the Corporation attends and minutes all Corporation and Committee meetings. The Vice Principals are normally 'in attendance' for all or part of each Corporation meeting.

The Clerk to the Corporation

The Clerk to the Corporation is responsible for organising the proper conduct of the Corporation's business. The Clerk is appointed by the Corporation, works directly for the Corporation and is answerable directly to the Corporation for the proper discharge of his duties as Clerk. The Clerk must provide independent advice to the Corporation and work closely with both the Chairman and the Principal in managing Corporation business. Specific duties of the Clerk include, but are not limited to:

  • Summoning meetings
  • Preparing agendas and papers
  • Minuting meetings
  • Advising the Chairman on procedure
  • Ensuring that the decisions of the Corporation are conveyed to those with responsibility to implement them
  • Undertaking correspondence on behalf of the Corporation