Hartpury College

Terms of Office

Terms of Office and Filling Vacancies

Corporation Members can serve a term of office up to four years and, on retirement at the end of their term of office, they are normally eligible for reappointment. Student Governors serve a term of office of generally one year. The Student Governors are elected and nominated by Hartpury students on an annual basis.

A number of circumstances, such as having been adjudged bankrupt or holding a criminal record, make certain individuals ineligible for office and these are laid down in section 8, Persons Ineligible to be Members, of the Instrument and Articles of Government.

Corporation Members appoint both the Chairman and Vice Chairman from amongst their number and both can hold office for as long as is determined by the Corporation. Neither the Principal nor any staff or student member is eligible to be appointed Chairman or Vice Chairman.

The process for making appointments to the Corporation has to be both open and transparent. The Corporation takes advice and recommendations from its Search Committee in respect of new Members. The Corporation must formally approve the appointment of all Members.

A Member can resign at any time by giving notice in writing to the Clerk to the Corporation and the Corporation can remove a Member from office if it is satisfied that he/she has been absent from meetings for a period longer than 6 months without permission from the Corporation.

Members of the Corporation are required to declare and sign a ‘Register of Interests' annually and to agree to take note of the current 'Code of Conduct for Corporation Members' on appointment.