Hartpury College

Jenna Mayo

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What I do: I’m a dog handler/trainer with the British Army in the Royal Army Veterinary Corps as a dog handler/trainer. I’ve spent the last few years travelling to places like Afghanistan helping to search vehicles for arms and explosives as well as America and Lebanon. Like every soldier, I completed 14 weeks of a basic training before beginning my education as a dog handler. Since then, I’ve been to Afghanistan’s Camp Bastion, Lashkar Gah and Sangin as a vehicle search dog handler as well as on the other side of the Atlantic learning how to handle role-specific search dogs which were being used in war zones. I currently train RAVC soldiers to be Class 3 Military working dog handlers. I train the students how to handle and care for a patrol dog safely wherever they may be deployed. In between courses, I help care for and maintain our fleet of course dogs.

How Hartpury helped to get me there: The facilities and standard of teaching was extremely good at Hartpury and my training there confirmed my love for animals and helped me to pursue a career in this field. Becoming a military working dog handler is an extremely popular job choice within the army and so the RAVC have a separate interview to join. I have no doubt the qualifications I had gained from Hartpury when attending the interview helped me get the job offer as a dog handler and a place within the RAVC.