Hartpury College

Ruby Temple-Long

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What I did on my work experience: I did my work experience at Arctic Q Husky Rides at Croft Farm in Tewkesbury. They offer husky rides to the public and husky training for dogs and owners. I’d already done a fair bit of volunteer work but this was something completely different and I learned so many different skills. At Hartpury, you can get involved in all kinds of practical experience, which means you’re more employable because you have a range of different skills that are valuable to industry. It also means you can secure work placements that other young people wouldn’t be able to because you’re skilled in handling lots of different types of animals. I also fell in love with the campus and the lecturers are amazing.

Career ambitions: Well so far, I’ve managed to secure my dream place at university, studying Marine Biology at the University of Liverpool!