Hartpury College

Jonathan Robinson

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What I do: I’m responsible for monitoring and recording the performances of the Liverpool Academy players in fixtures and training sessions. Using this information, I then liaise with the other coaches at the club to offer objective, informed advice on how we can ensure optimal development for each player and give them the best chance of progressing at the club.

How Hartpury helped to get me there: My course gave me a real depth of knowledge, from statistical analysis to the different principles of coaching and how to adapt your techniques to get the best out of your group. It’s so much more than what you learn in the classroom at Hartpury. There were so many opportunities to apply what I was learning in real-life situations. I secured a position as a performance analyst at Bristol Rovers while I was still studying at Hartpury and acting as the assistant coach of our junior elite football programme. That experience – to be able to say I’d coached international players and players that have been sold for millions - meant I stood out from the rest when I graduated.