Hartpury College

Stephanie Bateman

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What I do: I freelance for the UK’s top equestrian magazines including Horse Magazine, Horse and Hound, Eventing Magazine and Horse and Rider. About 80% of my work is commissioned do editors e-mail me a brief which includes a topic, a word count and a deadline. The other 20% involves me thinking of ideas to pitch to editors. There’s always lots of variety such as writing features and event reporting.

How Hartpury helped to get me there: The equine science degree covers a broad base of topics so there were quite a few career options; stud management, nutrition and massage are all careers other students went into. One of my lecturers put me in touch with the British Grooms Association, who invited me to write for their membership magazine and it progressed from there. I also wrote stories on the equestrian events at Hartpury and I reported on the major championships at the college, including the Showjumping Spectacular. When I did work experience for Horse and Hound, they were very impressed with my knowledge of the industry and really rated Hartpury as a high-end equine institution. You’re exposed to so many top people in the industry at Hartpury and the training uses the most up-to-date methods and world-class facilities.