Hartpury College

Zoe Miles

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What I did on my work placement: I carried out my work experience at Cotswold Dog Spa, a leading canine hydrotherapy provider, along with Vicky Purves from my course.  We cared for outpatient dogs and prepared them for swimming; undertook hydrotherapy sessions, both in the pool and the water treadmill; carried out post-hydro care, including showering and drying. We also carried out maintenance tasks, including testing the chemical levels in the water and daily cleaning down of the facility. I love interacting with different dogs the most and seeing rapid improvement in the progress of their conditions or injuries.  I’m particularly interested in spinal cases and other musculoskeletal issues. It’s important to be confident with the dogs as, like many animals, they know when you’re worried or nervous.  Also to bring a change of clothes as you are going to get wet!

Career ambitions: After finishing our degrees with first class honours, Vicky and I were both lucky enough to be offered a job share at Cotswold Dog Spa. In the longer term, I want to become a practicing Veterinary Physiotherapist but integrate canine hydrotherapy into my skill set for my future career.