Hartpury College


Brian obtained a BSc (Hons) in Agricultural and Food Sciences from University of Nottingham in 1994; a PGCE in 2005 from University of Wales, Newport and is currently studying Sustainable and Efficient Food Production with the Advanced Training Partnership (Aberystwyth and Bangor Universities and NIAB-TAG) at Masters level.

Brian has worked in the agricultural industry over the past twenty years both as a dairy management consultant and as a dairy farmer. He joined Hartpury College in 2009 and his main research interests are animal nutrition and livestock production and health related.

Job Title and Responsibilities:
Animal and Land Science HE Lecturer
Programme Manager: FdA Agriculture and FdSc Animal Science

Teaching Interests:
Animal production
Applied animal nutrition
Forage and grassland management
Emerging Issues in Agriculture
Rural diversification

Research Interests:
Calf and heifer rearing
Dairy cow nutrition in relation to the animal’s health
Dairy cow nutrition computer rationing and actual ration specification
Yeast supplementation on animal health and production
Canine nutrition on health and performance

Recent Research Activity and Publications:
Conference proceedings.
Bray, E. and Evans, B. Does Lameness Affect Fertility Within Cattle? The Ninth UFAW Student Animal Welfare Conference, 28th March 2014. Writtle (UK).
Graham, H. and Evans, B. (2013) The effect of housing and non-housing on dairy cow behaviour. The Eighth UFAW Student Animal Welfare Conference, 15th May 2013. Hartpury (UK).
Jones, B. and Evans, B. (2014) A Study into the Effect of Supplementing Holstein Calves with Yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) and Mannanoligosaccharides on their Daily Live Weight Gain and Health Score. The Ninth UFAW Student Animal Welfare Conference, 28th March 2014. Writtle (UK).
Lawrence, K. and Evans, B. (2014) Canine obesity: owner knowledge and perception. The Ninth UFAW Student Animal Welfare Conference, 28th March 2014. Writtle (UK).
Smith, K. and Evans, B. (2012) The impact of dietary carbohydrates on the oral health in domestic dogs (Canis familiaris). The Seventh UFAW Student Animal Welfare Conference, 23rd May 2012. Moulton (UK).

Kingshay Farming Notes: Vitamin supplementation to Dairy Cows: Jan-2011
Mineral supplementation to Dairy Cows: Feb-2011