Hartpury College


Profile: After completing an undergraduate degree in Music at Queen’s University Belfast, Carrie changed from the Arts & Humanities to the Sciences department with a Masters degree in Animal Welfare & Behaviour. During this time Carrie taught piano and singing to people of all ages for Associated Board of the Royal School of Music qualifications.  The thesis for her MSc degree lead to a proposal for her PhD which looked at whether personality affects the expression of negative states in horses all under the supervision of Prof. Bob Elwood. For this, they looked at how personality relates to stereotypy and lameness. During Carries PhD, she was also involved in designing and supervising MSc thesis projects, co-founded and ran Equitation Science Northern Ireland and re-habilitated horses for the primary equine charity in Northern Ireland. Following this, she was a research assistant for two large European research projects on welfare and feed conversion in broiler chickens.

Job title and responsibilities: Senior Lecturer for Student Success & Achievement (0.5 FTE) and Animal & Land Science (05.FTE). Within Carries role for SSA, she is involved in developing strategies to increase the performance of students. For example, aiming to increase the number of students achieving Good Honours Degrees and move boundary students into higher degree classifications. The primary means of doing this focuses on providing students with the specific skills needed to make the most of their natural ability. Carries role as a lecturer for Animal & Land Science involves leading modules on Behaviour and Welfare topics and supervising projects and reports, as well as general student tuition and care.


Phone: 2618

Teaching interests: Carries interests range from modules on Behaviour & Welfare of animals, to Equine specific modules and general scientific practice such as experimental design and academic writing. She really enjoys teaching all levels of students from first year through to MSc and potentially PhD in the future.

Research/scholarship interests: Carrie is interested in several areas and how they interact. These include stereotypy, pain, lameness in horses, coping strategies, personality, learning and training.

Recent research/scholarship activity (eg publications, presentations etc):

Ijichi, C., Collins, L.M., Creighton, E., & Elwood, R.W. 2013a. Harnessing the power of personality assessment: Subjective Assessment Predicts Behaviour in Horses. Behavioural Processes96, 47-52.


Ijichi, C., Collins, L.M. & Elwood, R.W. 2013b. Evidence for the role of personality in stereotypy predisposition. Animal Behaviour85, 1145-1151.


Ijichi, C., Collins, L.M. & Elwood, R.W. Accepted. Is pain expression linked with personality in horses?