Hartpury College


Sam's first degree was BSc (Hons) Hort (University of Coventry) followed by a Phd at the University of Wales, Cardiff. This investigated gene expression in wild leeks during the flowering processes, ‘Inflorescence development in Allium ampeloprasum var. babingtonii’. This molecular biology background has been used to support a wide range of modules, from genetics, to developmental processes and cellular biology.
Sam Taught at University of Worcester, and Pershore Group of Colleges before moving to Hartpury. Has taught at many levels, including bespoke courses for teachers, part-time courses, FE and HE. Has been involved in a number of community projects, from development of allotments, with a particular emphasis on the involvement of children, Garden judging as a means of developing community, development of City Farms, working with schools to develop biodiversity and environmental awareness. Peer reviewer for the University of California.

Teaching Interests:
Biology, development and function, particularly at a molecular and cellular level

Research Interests:
UK slugs; understanding life patterns, investigating food preferences as a method of crop protection, personality traits.

Invasive ant species; impacts on native flora and fauna, evaluating the need for controls.

Psychological impact of belief on research results, including placebo affects (can they be transferred from owner to animal?) and unconscious impacts on data.

Recent Research Activity and Publications:
Developing research with National Trust on furthering understanding of the impacts of invasive ants.