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Patrick worked on farms from 1979-1990 full time with the last position being as an assistant farm manager. In 1990 he trained as an agronomist by Technicrop ltd., and passed his BASIS exam while at Harper Adams.

From 1990-2013 Patrick worked as an agronomist for Technicrop ltd., Cargill plc and latterly Agrii. During this period he also helped manage a customer’s farm, with duties including; fertilising, drilling and combining. As the farm was in a Nitrogen Vulnerable Zone Patrick designed and a Nutrient Management plan.

Job title and responsibilities:

HE lecturer in agriculture.



Teaching interests:


Research/scholarship interests:


Recent research/scholarship activity (eg publications, presentations etc):

Last year Patrick undertook some pot trials in a greenhouse for Glenside looking at the effects of Humic and Fulvic Acid and a product called PhosN. This is a product containing biological inoculants that make nitrogen and phosphate in the soil available to plants. The trials looked at root development, microbial biomass, soil porosity and yield. The trial results have been presented to companies in agriculture and horticulture by Glenside to show the potential of such materials.

This year there are some more pot trials that have just been set up to look at the effects of some different materials and there will shortly be some trails looking at the effects of root growth in clear plastic tubes so that they can be monitored for speed of development.