Hartpury College


Prior to completing a BSc (Hons) in Agriculture and Land Management at Northampton University in 2010, Phil had worked in the agricultural industry for over twenty years as a dairy herdsman and dairy herd manager. On completion of his degree, Phil moved into teaching and took up a position at Moulton College delivering a range of modules to both further and higher education students. He joined Hartpury in March 2015 as Subject Manager for H.E. Land.

Phil’s main teaching interest is centred on livestock production and farm and enterprise management with a view to sustainable and economic production. He is currently investigating the impact of calf jackets on daily live weight gain in veal calves. Outside of work he remains an active farmer with a small herd of Dexter cattle.

Teaching Interests:

Dairy Herd Management, Beef and Sheep Production, Machinery Management & Farm Management

Research Interests:

Use of calf jackets in veal production, mastitis prevention, grass based dairy systems, public understanding of farm assurance schemes, meat quality and packaging.