Hartpury College


Richard started teaching in HE on a part time basis in December 2013, and moved into a full time position in August 2014. However, Richard has been lecturing at Hartpury on a sessional basis, delivering a Grassland Management module in the 2008/09 academic year, and delivering a range of one off guest lectures each academic year. These sessions centered around wildlife rescue, laboratory animal management and ethics.

Most recently, Richard worked in medical and agro-chemical research and toxicology testing as an animal technologist under home office license. This involved hands on work with the animals, including welfare assessments and the recording of clinical observations on a practical level, and the development of study logs and associated paperwork for studies. Richard also has much work-based experience of many experiences, such as the training of junior staff in animal and non-animal procedures/activities, health and safety rep, fire marshal and SOP coordinator, in which he was responsible for the clear communication of SOP to all staff, ensuring that all staff work to the same standards and procedures, enhancing the robustness of data gathered. Richard was also an active member of the schools and colleges programme, which involved visiting schools and colleges to explain what the company does, and how to progress into a career in this branch of the animal industry.

Prior to this role, Richard worked as a wildlife care assistant in a wildlife hospital and rehabilitation centre, working closely alongside and under a vet to aid diagnosis of injuries and the development of treatment plans across the full spectrum of common British wildlife species. Richard has gained experience in a number of medical procedures, such as IV injections, euthanasia, sutures and imaging procedures. Additional to this role, Richard took responsibility of delivering school talks and lectures to a wide range of people, from reception class age to adulthood, including children and adults with a wide range of physical and mental disabilities.

Teaching interests:

Professional practice, animal management, legislation, biodiversity and ecology.