Hartpury College


Suzannah is a Royal Collage of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) qualified and Registered Equine Veterinary Nurse (REVN) with several years of experience of working in the veterinary industry.
Suzannah has experience of all aspects of veterinary nursing from assisting with Guiana Pig caesareans to providing emergency first aid to injured racehorses.

Suzannah is currently employed as a Lecturer in the Veterinary Nursing Department where she teaches across both higher education (HE) and further education (FE) programs. Suzannah enjoys using her industry experience to educate and prepare the students for their careers as veterinary nurses.

Prior to working at Hartpury College Suzannah was the Senior Equine Theatre Nurse at a busy veterinary hospital.
Suzannah has a passion for dog training and regularly takes part in agility competitions with her two dogs. Training dogs requires a lot of time and patience but can be extremely rewarding.

Teaching Interests:
My main teaching interest is in veterinary pharmacy and in particular the veterinary nurses in role in pharmacy product management within the veterinary practice.

Research Interests:
I have a keen interest in equine endoparasite control and in particular the advisory role which the veterinary nurse takes when discussing this topic with horse owners. I would like to do some research in to how the different worming strategies affect parasite resistance to anthelmintic products and the advice which veterinary nurses could give to horse owners in an attempt to control this ever increasing problem.