Hartpury College


Dr Kathryn Nankervis B.Sc.(Hons) M.Sc. CVPM. Kathryn studied Physiological Sciences at Newcastle University and Equine Science at Aberystwyth University. Kathryn joined Hartpury in 1999,setting up and developing the Equine Therapy Centre at Hartpury in its current form.

Kathryn now leads the Performance in Equestrian Sport team and teaches on undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. She is co-author of ‘Equine Exercise Physiology’ (Blackwell Publishing) along with Dr. David Marlin. Kathryn’s current research projects are with European Technology for Business Ltd, Zamar and the Animal Health Trust. She lectures on equine therapy and exercise physiology at Post Graduate level, including contributing to the M.Sc Veterinary Physiotherapy programme based at Hartpury College.

Responsible for the commercial, teaching and research activity within the Equine therapy Centre and leading the Performance in Equestrian Sport team in research activity at Hartpury.

Teaching Interests:
Equine Therapy and Rehabilitation, Equine Exercise Physiology
Research Interests:
The physiology and biomechanics of equine physical therapy; kinematics of equine water treadmill exercise; changes in back kinematics in response to equine mobilisation and the effect of proprioceptive stimulation on the kinematics of exercise.

Recent Research Activity and Publications:
Marlin, D.J. and Nankervis, K.J. (2002) Equine Exercise Physiology, Blackwell Science, Oxford.

Mills, D.S. and Nankervis, K.J. (2000) Equine Behaviour, Principles and Practice, Blackwell Science, Oxford.

Research Papers and Conference Presentations
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