Hartpury College


In 2004 Andrew graduated from the University Chichester with a first class honors degree in Sports and Exercise Science. The following year he graduated with a distinction MSc Exercise Physiology. As well as achieving a distinction for his MSc he was also awarded the John Wiley Publishing Prize for Academic Excellence and the National Institute of Biology Top Bioscience Award. Andrew has previously lectured and tutored undergraduate students in BSc Sports and Exercise Science at the University of Chichester and also worked as a research assistant at the leading medial engineering company Deltex Medical Ltd.

Andrew is a British Association of Sport and Exercise Science (BASES) accredited (Scientific Support in Exercise Physiology) Sport Scientist and holds chartered scientist status. He is also Level 2 ISAK accredited anthropometrist. Andrew has completed the IOC Diploma in Sports Nutrition. In July 2016 Andrew achieved Sport and Exercise Nutrition High Performance Registration status with the SENr. Andrew has worked with junior and senior athletes across a number of different sports including GB Paralympic athletes, GB Bobsleigh/modern pentathlon/rowing, national and premier league academy soccer/rugby players. Andrew is the Human Performance Laboratory Director and previously provided scientific support and nutrition education for all Hartpury Elite Sport Academies. His research interest include dietary manipulation and the use of nutritional ergogenic aids to improve sports performance.


Job Title and Responsibilities:

Senior Lecturer in Exercise Physiology and Sports Nutrition

Programme Manager for BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Nutrition

Human Performance Lab Coordinator



Introduction to Exercise Physiology, Exercise Physiology, Applied Sport and Exercise Physiology, Introduction to Sports Nutrition and Sports Nutrition. He also tutors Level 3 dissertation students.

Research Activity and Publications:

Kelly, J., Sale, C. and Dobson, A. (2007). Intra- and inter-operator reliability of a 3-MHz suprasternal Doppler ultrasound monitor in determining cardiac output at rest and immediately after maximal exercise. Journal of Sports Sciences, 25, 269-270.

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Clarke, R., Dobson, A. and Hughes, J. (2016). Metabolic Conditioning: Field Tests to determine a training velocity. Strength Conditioning Journal, 38, 38-47

Conference Poster Presentations

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