Hartpury College

University Centre Hartpury

Hartpury College is an Associate Faculty of the University of the West of England (UWE) and has been working in partnership with them since 1997. Today it has more than 1500 students working towards foundation degrees, honours degrees and postgraduate qualifications in the fields of animal, land, equine and sport.

Higher Education Mission Statement
To provide outstanding learning opportunities and develop employment ready graduates. Higher Education at Hartpury should free students to explore, to create, to challenge, and to lead.

The mission statement is underpinned by the aims and goals as illustrated in the Hartpury 2020 Strategy.  This is fortified by the respective HE strategy, the Teaching, Learning and Scholarship strategy and the Hartpury Quality Enhancement Framework.

To achieve our mission we offer vocationally relevant programmes informed by, and developed in partnership with vocational stakeholders, that are delivered by highly qualified staff using an extensive range of excellent facilities. Our students are at the heart of our institution and we fully support them to ensure that they become independent, creative and critical thinkers that will be successful in obtaining fulfilling employment in their chosen occupations.

UWE’s academic regulations in conjunction with Hartpury’s variant regulations assure our academic standards and ensure all students are treated consistently and equitably. Students enrolled on a programme at Hartpury agree to abide by these Academic Regulations and Procedures.  You can read both UWE’s and Hartpury variant regulations for the 2016/17 academic year here.

Unconditional Offers

There is currently a trend for some higher education institutions and universities to make unconditional offers to applicants who are yet to complete their Level 3 qualifications (A-levels, BTECS etc).

However, at Hartpury University Centre we are only make unconditional offers to applicants who have already met our entry requirements due to the strength of the applications we receive.  We believe strongly that a student should be enrolled on the right course for them, and meeting the entry criteria is a key point in ensuring you have the right knowledge and skills on which to build your academic studies.  We appreciate some of you may have received unconditional offers elsewhere, so this is information is designed to help advise and answer any questions you may have.

Why do some universities and higher education institutions make unconditional offers in these circumstances?

Universities and higher education institutions typically indicate that they are making an unconditional offers because they have been favourably impressed with the candidate’s application and that the unconditional offer is a result of their belief in the applicant’s potential for future success.

While it can be reassuring for applicants to know that one of their UCAS choices is willing to give them an unconditional offer, it is important to fully consider the implications of accepting an unconditional offer in these circumstances.

When deciding which offer(s) to accept we would encourage students to base their decision primarily on the course and institution that they feel represents the best long term opportunity for them, rather than on whether their place would be automatically guaranteed.

What if I accept my conditional offer at Hartpury but don’t get the results to meet the offer?

Here at Hartpury we only make offers to applicants where we feel their application demonstrates that they are capable of meeting our entry requirements and succeeding on their chosen course.

If you were to choose Hartpury as your firm choice but narrowly miss the conditions of your offer, we may be able to consider whether we could still admit you during the Confirmation and Clearing period in August. This would be dependent on the number of spaces available once all offer holders who had met their offer conditions had been admitted, and as such there is no guarantee that spaces would be available.

If you are made unconditional by another institution then your insurance choice will be automatically declined, and as such you would no longer hold an offer from Hartpury. You would also be ineligible for Adjustment, and therefore the only route available to study with us would be via Clearing.

Hartpury University centre typically has a very limited number of spaces available in Clearing, and it is likely that only certain courses will have spaces available. If spaces were available, you would need to ask your firm choice to release you into Clearing.

Further details on the Clearing process can be found on the UCAS website.

What else to consider before accepting an unconditional offer

Students can be tempted to accept an unconditional offer as doing so can help to reduce the stress of pre-degree study examinations, as their place on the degree will not be dependent on exam performance.

However, it is important to remember that there may be longer-term consequences if you do not obtain the Level 3 examination results that reflect your aptitude and ability- the final few months of Level 3 study may be essential in preparing you for your degree course, and many graduate employers will consider Level 3 qualifications when shortlisting applicants for graduate schemes.

Finally, you should not feel pressured into making any decisions until you have heard back from all five of your UCAS choices. An unconditional offer should not be time-limited by a university until there is a published UCAS deadline for a decision by the applicant.

If you have any questions about the application process please email admissions@hartpury.ac.uk