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These case  studies  are chosen  from the caseload of  the Equine  Therapy  Centre, Hartpury  College,  our  equine  vet  practice,  Three  Counties  Equine  Hospital  and Cotswold Dog Spa, the canine hydrotherapy unit at Hartpury College. They demonstrate the use  of complementary  therapy,  exercise, and  the use  of  technology within  the treatment and rehabilitation of various conditions. They highlight some of the many and varied career opportunities within veterinary practice and allied professions such as physiotherapy, osteopathy, hydrotherapy and farriery. According to UK law, animals must be seen by a veterinary surgeon in order that a diagnosis is obtained, prior to any subsequent treatment by a therapist. The examples within these case studies are all animals  that  required veterinary attention,  and have  been treated accordingly,  with some benefitting from input from a therapist, farrier or both, and some requiring the services  of  companies  or  individuals  providing  technology  to  assist  with  either  the diagnosis or treatment of the case. The aim is to give a ‘behind the scenes’ look at what it takes to bring animals back to full health, whilst highlighting some of the opportunities that  are  available  to people  interested  in a  career with  animals.  Being  a  vet  is  a challenging and rewarding career, but it is not the only path for someone wanting to use their education and skills to benefit animals. For example, research in veterinary and animal  science  progresses  rapidly  with  new  technology  and  techniques  constantly under development (see the exercise testing and tendon injury pages). Researchers in areas such as biological and engineering science make huge contributions to both human and veterinary medicine without being ‘hands on’ in practice.  

If you are considering a career in the veterinary profession or allied industries, you should find the links useful in helping you find more information about potential training. For those of  you already  studying at college  or university on an  animal or  equine science course, we  hope  the information  contained  within the  case studies  will be useful. Each one contains some background information on the condition or subject in question, there are images and videos which illustrate each case study, and for those who want to study in more depth, there are reference lists with details of key academic texts and papers which provide useful background reading.  There are even some key questions which you can have a go at to check your understanding and maybe develop your knowledge further. We hope you find something to spark your interest.  

We are grateful to all our colleagues who have contributed to these pages:

VETNET  Lifelong  Learning,  Three  Counties  Equine  Hospital,  Cotswold  Dog  Spa, Osteopathy for Horses, Centaur Biomechanics, Donnington Grove Veterinary Group and Polar UK.