Hartpury College

Animal Collection



With more than 30 different species living on campus, the animal department has an extensive range of animals you can work with and study while completing your qualification at Hartpury.

In the animal care house there are vivarium species including reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. We also have a number of large animal species including emus and llamas. Large aviaries house a wide variety of indigenous and non-indigenous birds and within the fully stocked aquatics room there is a diverse assortment of tropical and coldwater fish.

The onsite veterinary facilities include a mock Small Animal Veterinary Hospital, Canine Hydrotherapy Unit and Grooming Parlor. The college also has an Equine Veterinary and Therapy Centre with a High Speed Treadmill and Aquatreadmill.

In November 2013, Hartpury opened a stunning new animal collection in its historic walled garden. The collection features a wide range of animals and you can click on each animal listed below for an information sheet: