Hartpury College

Home Farm

Students have every opportunity to be involved with the Home Farm and estate enterprises.  Across the estate, the College has an arable farm, game rearing unit and shoot. Home Farm has a commercial dairy unit with 290 Holstein Friesian cows as well as dairy youngstock. The farm also holds 600 commercial ewes made up of romney x north country cheviot and Easycare.  Other facilities at the farm include a dairy bull beef rearing unit producing veal on a supermarket contract.

Opportunities for students to be involved with Home Farm include:
  • Farm and game keeping duties -   working under the direct supervision of farm and estate staff, students can gain practice in husbandry skills, health and safety,  milking and lambing,  observing veterinary procedures and undertaking routine veterinary tasks
  • Experiencing the dairy unit -  students get first-hand experience of the dairy unit, which consists of 296 cubicles for milking cows and straw yards for far off dry cows.
  • Livestock and fieldwork research -  students may have the opportunity to use the range of animals available on the farm for their dissertation projects (under appropriate supervision).
  • Countryside skills, woodland management and game keeping -   students will have the chance to demonstrate conservation management theory (for example wildlife surveying skills) and practices along with skills such as fencing, hedge maintenance and woodland planting, maintenance and cropping.  The woodland and the lake form the basis of on-site environmental management teaching
  • Rearing and management of game bird species -  the College Shoot provides a commercial setting for game management students to practice a range of practical skills associated with the industry.