Hartpury College

College Accommodation

Living in on-site accommodation is a brilliant way of meeting new friends and gaining confidence and independence. There are a variety of events and activities held throughout the week and the Heroes Common Room offers a social space to relax with your friends. We understand that it can be daunting living away from home for the first time, which is why we have a dedicated team to ensure the welfare and safety of all our students. The site has CCTV for extra security.

Level 1 and level 2 BTEC Diploma students are not eligible to apply for accommodation at Hartpury.

Only A level students and Level 3 BTEC Diploma students are eligible to apply.  Students who are able to travel on public or college transport will not be allocated accommodation until 31 August. It is advisable that you also register for Transport now.

While we always try to meet demand, applications for accommodation frequently exceed the number of rooms available. To support a fair process of allocation, we do have some groups who are given priority, which include (in no particular order):

  • Students under the age of 18
  • International students
  • Students who have onsite early and late duties as part of their course
  • Those who have Student Livery on-site
  • Students with scholarships to play elite sport at the College

You can download our full accommodation allocation policy for College students from the left hand-side of this page.

Room Prices

Type of roomAverage cost per week
Large Single en-suite £134
Standard en-suite £118
Twin (bunk) en-suite £98
Twin (bunk) no en-suite £76
Large Single en-suite (over 18s) £134
Standard en-suite (over 18s) £118

These prices are meant as a guide and subject to change. Rooms are term time only and students will be asked to vacate their room for the Christmas and Easter holiday periods. It is important to note that when you vacate your room it must be cleared of all belongings.   

Self-Study Weeks

Having listened to parental feedback in previous years we now have self-study weeks for students who live at college.  Self-study weeks take the place of college half-terms in October and February.

We actively encourage students to go home for these periods to enable them to rest and recuperate from the rigours of college life, however you have the flexibility to choose when you collect your son/daughter for the holiday period. The same applies for the return date, students can return to accommodation at a time to suit.

Students will be able to leave their belongings in their rooms during study week.

To ensure this flexible approach for the self-study weeks is successful, we need parents to fully utilise the passkey system and ensure they submit an Accommodation Absence in the usual way. This will ensure you don’t receive a late night call from the Wardening team.

Room options

All college room rates include breakfast (Mon-Fri), no other meals are included. Adapted rooms are available. The room rate is inclusive of all utility bills and Wi-Fi. Further Education and A-Level students are not allowed to cater for themselves if they live on-site

Rudgeley Halls of Residence
Rudgeley Hall accommodates 323 students in 17 blocks. The Halls are set around two attractive landscaped quadrangles. Each Rudgeley building has two small common rooms, one on each floor. Common rooms are equipped with a fridge, kettle, toaster, ironing board, microwave and easy chairs. These halls are specifically designed for under 18s and the buildings are single sex and offer single en suite accommodation.  Wardens are located in the complex.

Limbury Halls of Residence
Limbury is situated close to the equestrian facilities. Each of the four blocks has a common room equipped with a fridge, kettle, toaster, ironing board, microwave, easy chairs and flat screen televisions. These halls are specifically designed for under 18s and the buildings are single sex and offer single en suite accommodation. Wardens are located in the complex.

Dingle Hall (single and twin occupancy – male and female floors)
Dingle Hall can accommodate up to 91 students. Common rooms are equipped with a fridge, kettle, toaster, microwave, ironing board, easy chairs and large screen TV's. This hall is specifically designed for under 18 males and offers en suite accommodation. A warden is located in the building. Twin rooms are bunk beds.

Catsbury Hall (twin occupancy - male and female floors A-Level Year 1 only)
Catsbury Hall has three floors with rooms having twin bunk beds. All rooms have their own washbasin and each floor has toilets and showers. There are communal areas on each floor which are equipped with a fridge, kettle, toaster, microwave, ironing board and easy chairs. Wardens are located in the building.

New Vicarage Halls of Residence (single occupancy O18)
There are four buildings located on campus within the New Vicarage Halls of Residence, housing 80 students. Each building has a common room equipped with a fridge, kettle, toaster, microwave and ironing board. Wardens are located in the complex.

Please note the college is closed during the Christmas period and you may be required to empty the room.