Hartpury College

Frequently Asked Questions

Please download our residential handbook - which should tell you everything you need to know about living in Hartpury accommodation.

Do I need a TV licence? Yes, if you bring a TV or laptop to watch TV programmes you must purchase a TV licence.

Can I have guests to stay? If you are under 18, or living in an under 18 block, guests are not allowed to stay overnight. If you are over 18 and living in a designated over 18 area guests are entitled to stay for a night. Please be aware that all guests must sign in at student services and abide by college rules and regulations.

Can I bring a car? Car parking is available on campus. A parking permit must be purchased via the on-line shop.

Can I leave my accommodation early? If you wish to leave your accommodation early you will need to advise the Residential Bookings Co-ordinator of your intention to leave in writing and you will be responsible for the rent for the entire licence agreement, unless a suitable replacement is found. Please read accommodation rules and regulations.

Will I have internet access in my room? All rooms have internet access. In some areas this is wireless and so service may be impeded by demand.

What do I need to bring? Bedding, towels and your personal belongings. Pots and pans if you are in self catered accommodation.

What can't I bring? For safety reasons individual fridges/freezers/coolers, microwaves, electric blankets, slow cookers, rice cookers, deep fat fryers, sandwich makers, George Foreman grills or similar, electric room heaters, electric fans and cubed adaptors are not allowed. It is acceptable for students to have their own kettles in their room. If you are unsure if you can bring an item please contact the college to check.

Is there a launderette available? Yes, there are two launderettes on campus, one located in the Rudgeley complex, and one by Catsbury.

What if I damage the room/equipment? You will be charged to repair any damage caused maliciously and possibly accidentally, including an administration fee. In addition you could face disciplinary procedures. You will be asked to complete a room inventory at the beginning of the academic year and return it to Student Services.

Are staff available 24 hours a day? Yes, Student Services is open during the day and out of hours the Duty Warden Team is contactable on the Duty Warden mobile. This number is displayed in all the blocks.