Hartpury College

Higher Education Work Placements

We recommend that all students engage in work placements to help increase their employability.    Find out here how student and employers can get involved in this opportunity.
Work Placement Information
Standing out from the crowd is crucial when applying for jobs at the end of your degree. One factor which can really help this is completing a placement during your studies. In fact, employers have said that, after a good degree it is the most important factor that they look for.

As a result placements are a core aspect of supporting employability in our graduates, especially those from Foundation degrees. Some Bachelor degrees also have a placement module or a sandwich year.
The following programmes have placement modules in:

  • FdSc Equine Science and Management
  • FdSc Equine Performance (SW)
  • FdSc Animal Behaviour and Welfare
  • FdSc Sports Coaching
  • FdSc Sports Performance
  • FdA Sports Business Management
  • BA (Hons) Equine Business Management
  • BSc (Hons) Equine Science
  • BSc (Hons) Animal Science
  • BSc (Hons) and FdSc Veterinary Nursing Science (information on these programmes can be found on their page)
  • MSc Veterinary Physiotherapy

Students from other programmes are encouraged to complete volunteer placements to boost their CV and gain experience.

The placements vary in length from two weeks to a whole year out on placement.  Students complete their placements at a variety of local, national and international places.  We have onsite opportunities for Hartpury Students to work at the Equine Therapy Centre, the Equine Centre and with the Sports Academies.  In the past students have worked in Summer Camps in the USA and on conservation projects in the Seychelles.

Reasons for completing a work placement (which can include volunteering):

  • Personal as well as professional development including self-confidence, self-discipline and responsibility. 
  • Experience of job application and adapting to workplace culture within a supported environment.
  • Careers ideas and direction.  An insight into a particular career and future job opportunities
  • It is a chance to put academic theory and knowledge into practice.
  • Enhance employability and build up your CV.

The college has a Work Placement Coordinator who coordinates all work placements and, along with the Work Placement Tutor and Module Leader, will guide the student through the process of securing a placement.
If you have any questions about work placements at Hartpury College please contact the Placement Coordinator at placements@hartpury.ac.uk.
Student Placement Experience
Sara was on the FDSC Animal Behaviour Welfare. She volunteered throughout the year and then completed an 8 week block placement over the summer as part of her degree.
This is Sara’s work placement experience:

"My work placement at an animal shelter was both an enjoyable and insightful experience of working in the role of an Animal Welfare Assistant.  Having specified a particular interest in learning more about the charity’s work in relation to canine behaviour and training, I spent the majority of my placement working with the Kennel team.  Much of my time was occupied undertaking the daily routine tasks of cleaning, feeding and other regular house-keeping activities, however I was fortunate enough to also be given plenty of opportunities to work with the dogs, observe and participate with behaviour assessments, and take part in the weekly staff-training sessions.  During my placement I handled a wide variety of dogs: taking them for walks, engaging them in off-lead play and working on command and trick training.  The staff were incredibly helpful, and their input was invaluable as I worked to build my knowledge and understanding of canine behaviour and training techniques, and develop my practical dog-handling skills.  I really enjoyed working with the staff and the dogs and feel that the long-term work placement is an ideal way to gain a realistic experience of what it would be like to be employed by the placement provider in a future career role."

Sara has now completed her degree and got a permanent job with the organization she volunteered with.

Can you offer a Work Placement?
Please contact us if you think you can offer a work placement to one of our students.  The placement is a core part of supporting employability of our students; it enables the students to gain practical skills and put their learning into practice.

The placements vary in length from two weeks to a whole year out on placement. The hours can be worked flexibly and working patterns can be agreed between the student and placement provider.  Students in the following subject areas are currently seeking work placement opportunities.

Equine including yard, business and allied industries.
Animal Science, behavior and welfare.
Agriculture and Conservation.
Sport including coaching, performance, business and allied industries.

There are many benefits to having a placement student including the following:

  • New ideas and fresh enthusiasm
  • Up to date knowledge of latest industry developments, new technology and IT skills.
  • Knowledge and Skills to tackle projects put on back burner.
  • A cost effective additional staff resource.
  • Benefit from the latest research through closer links with the college.

To participate in our scheme you must be able to offer a learning experience. You will also need to have Public and Employers Liability Insurance.

If you think you can offer a work placement or have volunteering opportunities please contact the Placement Coordinator to discuss it further.  Telephone 01452 702466 or email placements@hartpury.ac.uk