Hartpury College

Starting in September 2016


This page is for students starting courses within our University Centre.  If you are starting a College course this September click here. 

Starting this September?

We’re looking forward to welcoming you to Hartpury in September 2016.

This page covers the information you will need to know before you join us for Welcome Week and start your course in September.   As one of the leading specialist institutions in the UK we can offer you a fantastic student experience, exceptional student support and cutting-edge facilities.  If you have any questions or queries then do not hesitate to contact our admissions department on 01452 702557 or via email at admissions@hartpury.ac.uk, quote your UCAS personal identity number – we’re here to help.

Whether you're living on or off campus, the times below are when you need arrive on campus ready to enrol and where they take place. You can open our campus map on the link below to help ensure you know where to go. Click here to view a campus map.

Terms and Conditions

When you enrol you will also be asked to sign Hartpury's Fees and Regulations document, and UWEs Terms and Conditions.


Enrolment times for all students

Monday 12 September

Equine level 1: Mark Davison Centre (MDC) 1 at 9:30am

Animal and Agriculture level 1: MDC 1 10:30am

Veterinary Nursing Level 1: MDC 1 10:30am

Sport Level 1: MDC 1 11:30am


Thursday 15 September

All Postgraduate: Meet at the University Learning Centre (ULC) in the Postgraduate Study Room at 9am

Top up programmes

Equine: EQ12 at 9:30am

Animal and Land: EQ11 at 9:30am

Sport: A6 at 11:00am


Joining Instructions

Simply click on the course in the list below to find your full joining instructions for your programme - from information on the kit you will need to budgeting tips, module content and the books you will need to read.

Animal & Agriculture courses, including Veterinary Nursing

FdSc Agriculture

FdSc Animal Behaviour and Welfare

FdSc Animal Science and Management

FdSc Equine Veterinary Nursing Science

FdSc Veterinary Nursing Science

BSc (Hons) Animal Behaviour & Welfare

BSc (Hons) Animal Science with Therapy

BSc (Hons) Applied Animal Science

BSc (Hons) Animal Management

BSc (Hons) Bioveterinary Science

BSc (Hons) Veterinary Nursing Science

BSc (Hons) Top Up Agriculture

BSc (Hons) Top Up Conservation

MSci Animal Behaviour & Welfare

MRes Animal Behaviour & Welfare

MRes Anthrozoology



FdSc Equine Performance

FdSc Equine Science & Management

BA (Hons) Equine Business Management

BSc (Hons) Equine Science

BSc (Hons) Equine Science with Therapy

BSc (Hons) Equestrian Sports Coaching

BSc (Hons) Equestrian Sports Science

BSc (Hons) Equine Management

MSci Equine Science

PG Cert Equine Science

PG Cert Equestrian Performance & Rehabilitation

PG Cert Equine Behaviour & Welfare

PG Dip Equine Science

MSc Equine Science

MRes Equine Performance

MSc Veterinary Physiotherapy



FdA Sports Business Management

FdSc Sport Performance

FdSc Sports Coaching

BSc (Hons) Physical Education and School Sport

BA (Hons) Sports Business Management

BSc (Hons) Sports Coaching

BSc (Hons) Sports Studies

BSc (Hons) Sports Therapy

Anatomy Workbook for Sports Therapy students

BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Sciences

BSc (Hons) Sport Performance

BSc (Hons) Strength & Conditioning

BSc (Hons) Sport & Exercise Nutrition

MSc Applied Strength & Conditioning

MSc Coaching Science and MSc Professional Development (Coaching Science)

If you are looking for information surrounding your specific course, you can find more detail here


You can also take a look at our ‘Coming to Hartpury’ guides, which are attached as downloads to this page, which will give you more of a flavour about what to expect when you arrive and top tips for making the most of your Hartpury experience.

Between now and enrolment there are lots of things you’ll need to consider. The guides below have been compiled to provide you with information to help you think about the next steps – from accepting your offer, travel arrangements, accommodation and financing your studies.



'Coming to Hartpury' Edition 1: 


'Coming to Hartpury' Edition 2:


'Coming to Hartpury' Edition 3: