Hartpury College


The Advanced Apprenticeship in Sports Excellence (AASE) programmes at Hartpury are the perfect way for young and aspiring elite athletes (age 16-19) to prepare for life in professional sport.

For those athletes who have the chance of competing on the world stage or of securing a professional contract, Hartpury is the ideal setting  to improve your skills and learn how to manage all aspects of life in a professional sport whilst continuing your education.

With the choice of five AASE courses in Equestrian, Modern Pentathlon, Netball, Women’s Rugby and Rowing, Hartpury continues to be at the forefront of developing and supporting young, elite athletes.

First class coaches will support you throughout the course of your programme; their forward thinking methods will continually test and develop your technical and tactical skills in your chosen sport.

Our programmes consistently offer high quality training environments, access to well-equipped facilities and the benefits of conditioning experts, physiotherapists, nutritionists and mentors.

Using a structured training and development route across all sports, students are provided with everything they need to be successful at a professional level.