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Chainsaw Maintenance and Basic Operation

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Course Overview

This is a two-day course which covers chainsaw maintenance and basic operations, leading towards certification with either Lantra or NPTC.

Safety clothing - HSE standards, various types
Safety regulations
Identification of safety features of chainsaw and legal requirements
Safety awareness and chainsaw use
Maintenance and working knowledge of power unit and cutting mechanism
Safe starting procedures
Safe use of chainsaw for cross cutting techniques
Handling and stacking procedure

Chainsaw equipment includes:

  • Serviceable chainsaw (recommended 15 inch guide bar)
  • Chainsaw toolkit
  • sharpening files and gauges to suit cutting chain
  • appropriate spanners
  • screwdriver
  • soft brush and cloth for cleaning dirt from chainsaw parts
  • Chainsaw fuel mix and chainsaw oil for your chainsaw
  •  Beverages will be provided throughout the day but you should bring your own packed lunch.

Protective Clothing includes:

  • Chainsaw boots
  • Chainsaw gloves
  • Chainsaw helmet with visor and ear muffs
  • Chainsaw trousers (front protection is sufficient)

Please note that attendance on this course does not automatically achieve certification: If you are taking the Lantra certification route, assessment will be via integrated training and assessment by the tutor over the course duration. If you are taking the NPTC certification route, assessment will take place on a subsequent, separate day which will be arranged via the course tutor.

Price includes use of equipment, as well as NPTC assessment and registration fees (where applicable).

Entry Requirements





There are no entry requirements for this course

Students may use their own protective clothing and serviceable chainsaw as long as they comply with safety standards. The College can provide any equipment and protective clothing to those students who do not have their own.

if you need any more information regarding this course call our short course department on 01452 702529

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In Brief


2 Days

Tuition fees

£295 for Lantra / £370 for NPTC


2 Day course:

4th January 2017 - 5th January 2017

1st February 2017 - 2nd February 2017

23rd February 2017 - 24th February 2017  

20th March 2017 - 21st March 2017

18th April 2017 - 19th April 2017

22nd May 2017 - 23rd May 2017

22nd June 2017 - 23rd June 2017

26th July 2017 - 27th July 2017

22nd August 2017 - 23rd August 2017


9.00am - 4.30pm

Spaces are limited to a maximum of 4 people so please phone 01452 702529 for availability.

When should I apply

For all enquiries and more information call 01452 702529 or email shortcourses@hartpury.ac.uk

How to apply

To book onto the course use our online shop or phone 01452 702529 for other payment methods

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