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Chainsaw Operation from Rope and Harness

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Cutting a tree

Course Overview

This course leading towards NPTC certificate in Chainsaw Operation from a Rope and Harness and covers NPTC Unit formally know as CS39. The course covers:

Use of handsaws and chainsaws within the Tree suspended by rope and harness
Branch removal and target pruning using the appropriate cuts
Knots for general Tree surgery use
Aerial rescue techniques

Applicants must hold NPTC units CS30 and CS31 and have attended training for CS38 before assessment of CS39.

Protective clothing requirements:

Leather chainsaw boots
Chainsaw gloves
Chainsaw helmet with visor and ear muffs
Chainsaw trousers – all round leg protection

Climbing equipment provided includes:

Tree climbing harness
Minimum of 5 three-way karabiners
Tree climbing ropes
3 prussik loops

Chainsaw requirements:

Top handled, serviceable chainsaw
Chainsaw toolkit
sharpening files and gauges to suit cutting chain
appropriate spanners
soft brush and cloth for cleaning dirt from chainsaw parts
Chainsaw fuel mix and cutting bar oil for your chainsaw

Please note, attendance on this course does not automatically achieve a Certificate of Competence - assessment will take place on a subsequent, separate day which will be arranged via the course tutor. Price includes use of equipment, NPTC assessment and registration fees.

Entry Requirements


Students must bring their own chainsaw boots and trousers, which must comply with safety standards, 2 passport sized photos, pen and notepad, packed lunch and suitable drinks.

Students may also bring their own top handled, serviceable chainsaw, which must also comply with safety standards. All other equipment, including chainsaws if required, will be provided.

This course takes place at the Royal Agricultural College in Cirencester Please ensure you have transport.

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In Brief


2 Days

Tuition fees



25th July 2016 - 26th July 2016

26th September 2016 - 27th September 2016

28th November 2016 - 29th November 2016

23rd January 2017 - 24th January 2017

27th March 2017 - 28th March 2017

22nd May 2017 - 23rd May 2017

24th July 2017 - 25th July 2017


9.30am to 4.30pm 

(This is a 3 day course)

At RAU, Cirencester


When should I apply

Call 01452 702529 for all enquires and more information on the course or email shortcourses@hartpury.ac.uk

How to apply

Please book via our online shop or call 01452 702529 for alternative payment methods

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