Hartpury College

Liz Launder - Osteopath

Liz has been involved in the investigation and treatment of injury in horses for approaching 30 years and treats many of the Equine Therapy Centre’s in- and out-patients on a referral basis.

Specialising in postural rebalancing in both the human and the equine athlete, Liz assesses and treats clients at Hartpury on a regular basis. Most often she works alongside the vet to identify factors relating to poor performance and then develops suitable treatment programmes which are delivered by the Equine Therapy Centre staff or by the client themselves at home if possible. Liz is a member of the teaching team on our MSc. Veterinary Physiotherapy programme and is a regular contributor to CPD days run by the Centre. Liz has played an integral part in the development of the Equine Therapy Centre approach and is responsible for the success of many of our cases. She is available for human treatment appointments within our facility also and is consultant Osteopath for our Rider Performance Clinics. Liz can be booked through our Contact Us section for either equine or human patients or via Osteopathy4horses.