Hartpury College

Therapy Services



The Equine Therapy Centre prides itself on offering a range of rehabilitation services as well as routine veterinary care. With the support of Three Counties Equine Hospital LLP, equine athletes are in safe hands. We offer a range of services including:

• Routine and Emergency Veterinary Care

Three Counties Equine Hospital LLP are the resident veterinary surgeons at the Equine Therapy Centre, providing routine veterinary care for resident horses. We have excellent facilities for lameness investigation on our non-slip 40m x 4m trot up, with 12m diameter trotting circle. Within the purpose-built diagnostic suite, examination can be made with the most up to date imaging tools.

• Therapy and rehabilitation

The centre has been providing tailor-made exercise and treatment programmes on an in- and out-patient basis for 14 years. We work closely vets, therapists and farriers to ensure that horses referred to us are carefully monitored in their progress and that our FACILITIES are utilised in the most effective way possible.

• Rider performance

The Equine Therapy Centre incorporates The Margaret Giffen Centre for Rider Performance which is provided for those riders struggling with physical barriers to their riding and for those simply wishing to maximise their performance. Riders can have their pain, posture, fitness and saddle fit issues dealt with by our experienced team.

• Canine hydrotherapy

For more information, please contact Tessa Lewis on 01452 702 177.