Hartpury College

Sue Chant MEd, BSc (Hons) BHS ISM PTC - Equine Lecturer

Sue holds a BSc (Hons), a Masters in Education BHS stage 4 care, BHS stage 3 Flat + PTT. She also holds the A1 assessor qualification. Sue is also a Senior Warden at Hartpury with an emphasis of pastoral support in both roles. She supports students in their blocks by getting to know them and their problems with nightly visits and monthly meetings or from referral from other wardens and lecturers. Previous to her role at Hartpury, Sue has worked in the industry as a groom, yard manager and instructor. Her son had a stallion and small stud in Red Marley until two years ago where she helped with foals/ youngstock training. Sue has also worked to support people with drug and alcohol rehabilitation