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UWE Heading Higher Passport Plus

Heading Higher Passport Plus (HHP Plus) is a scheme that helps prepare learners for university level study and may increase the opportunity for learners to gain entry to Hartpury.

Post 16 providers need to apply to UWE to become a HHP Plus partner. There’s more information here.

If you are a tutor at a Post-16 provider with HHP Plus partner status, you need to follow these quick steps to register your HHP Plus learners who wish to apply for a Higher Education programme at Hartpury. Learners must also fulfill the eligibility criteria.
Before you register

Step 1 - Confirm the learner has the potential to succeed in HE at either foundation degree or degree level.
Step 2 - Check the learner meets one of the individual eligibility criteria.
Step 3 - Check the learner meets the minimum academic requirements for the UWE Hartpury course they have applied to, including specified subjects or grades at A-level/BTEC, GCSE subjects and grades. For a degree course, please check that their Level 3 course predicted grades are within 70 UCAS tariff points of Hartpury's published offer information (within 30 UCAS tariff points for a Foundation Degree).
Step 4 - Confirm the learner has produced sufficient learning log evidence to show they have completed all three mandatory modules and four optional modules to your satisfaction.
Step 5 - Register applicants around the same time as the learner makes their UCAS application. Learners must be registered by the January UCAS deadline.


You can make individual e-registrations or group e-registrations using the form below:

HHP Plus registration form

Registration deadlines

To guarantee HHP Plus applicant benefits, learners must be registered by the January UCAS deadline.
Post January UCAS deadline registrations are possible. In this case, applicants should be registered before they have been made an offer by UWE Hartpury. We cannot guarantee HHP Plus benefits will be applied to these late registrations.

HHP Plus registration does not apply to:
• applications to Hartpury made via UCAS Extra, after the end of June, or through Clearing
• students who have received a firm or insurance offer by UWE Bristol after results have been published in August

Any questions on the registration process for Hartpury applicants should be directed to HEadmissions@hartpury.ac.uk