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Animal and Land 11Dec 2014

Students gather Hartpury firewood to warm hearts and hearths of villagers

Students gather Hartpury firewood to warm hearts and hearths of villagers

The project has been running for the last five years and, as well as benefiting the local community, it enhances Level One Agriculture students’ practical skills and develops teamwork.  All the firewood is gathered from the Hartpury estate.


Students and their lecturers delivered the logs to Hartpury’s local postman Vic Smith at Hartpury Post Office,  who will be storing and kindly delivering the logs to those who have been identified as needing a little bit of help with their winter fuel.


“This is a great project and will benefit those who need a little extra help, especially heading into Christmas-time and with the arrival of colder weather,” said Vic.


“The Hartpury community appreciates the work the students put in and recipients of the wood will be extremely grateful.”


Agriculture student, Cameron Pape, said: “We were happy to split wood and give it to the people who need it to keep them warm and can’t chop it themselves.”


Student, James Bathe, added: “We carried out the log-splitting practical to learn new skills and this gesture will keep our community together and help older people.”


Agriculture lecturer Allison Aitken said: “This is a great credit to all the students involved, who were prepared to work hard for the benefit of the village. We are proud of their efforts for a worthwhile cause.”

18 Oct 2016 Animal and Land

No more tilling – it’s time for direct drilling at Hartpury!

Hartpury Agriculture students had their eyes opened to an alternative approach to sowing the seeds of the future.

17 Oct 2016 Animal and Land

Brexit and beyond –student farmers consider the future of agriculture outside the EU

Hartpury’s student farmers of the future weighed in on the debate and discussions surrounding agriculture in post-Brexit Britain during a talk with local experts.


11 Oct 2016 Animal and Land

Does a harness help make a happy dog? Hartpury research team investigates

What’s the best way to walk your dog? A team of Hartpury researchers have been comparing collars to harnesses to investigate the impact on canine behaviour and comfort.


11 Oct 2016 Animal and Land

Unlocking the secrets of the soil: new technology helps Hartpury’s agricultural innovators dig deep into future of farming

Agricultural technicians have been digging deep on Hartpury’s farms to scan the fields and map the soils; using state of the art technology to ensure that the College can make the most of every inch of the land.