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Animal and Land 25Feb 2015

New additions bolster Hartpury College’s magnificent menagerie

New additions bolster Hartpury College’s magnificent menagerie

Hartpury’s animal family has grown again with the arrival of a wallaby joey and a new rare-breed goat.

The pair, who are part of the Orchard Animal Collection, have joined the emus, meerkats and llamas in Hartpury’s ever-expanding menagerie, which helps give the College’s animal students a host of hands-on learning experiences.

The wallaby joey is the College’s second within a year and staff do not yet know its sex, as joeys can stay in the pouch for any number of months until they are fully developed.

The new female Bagot goat, Demi, meanwhile, joins her older brother, Caesar, at Hartpury and will enable students to gain experience in foot trimming, health checking and worming. The students will also be tending to the goats daily as part of their animal duties.

The animal collection at Hartpury is continuing to grow, maximising opportunities for our Animal Management students to get hands on with a wide variety of small and large and native and non-native animals. The facilities include dedicated reptile, aquatics and rodent rooms.

Students studying on a variety of animal courses at the College will have the opportunity to get hands on with the wallaby and care for it throughout its development.

Animal Collection Manager, Colin Stevenson, said: “The addition of these animals will bringa new aspect to the learning experience. They both offer different opportunities for students to gain hands on experience.

“Very few colleges boast rare breed goats in their collections, and our Animal Management students are excited about working with and learning from them. Having a baby wallaby to manage will also be a new experience for a lot of our students.”

02 Dec 2016 Animal and Land

Good moos – an unusual arrival adds a splash of colour to Hartpury’s dairy herd

Meet Ruby Tuesday, the rare red and white calf who is breaking up the monochrome pattern of the Holstein-Friesian herd at Hartpury’s Home Farm.

28 Nov 2016 Animal and Land

Furry friend frazzled by fireworks? Can pet products help to soothe the stress? Hartpury researcher investigates

Hartpury lecturer Sienna Taylor has been involved in new research looking into the effectiveness of ‘Pet Remedy’ - a product made from natural ingredients that aims to calm pets in stressful situations.

28 Nov 2016 Animal and Land

Student fundraising gives anti-poaching patrols more bite at wildlife reserve

Thanks to money raised by Hartpury University Centre students, two dogs will be joining the fight against poaching at Mankwe Wildlife Reserve.

16 Nov 2016 Animal and Land

Hartpury’s Hannah harnesses her best as she aces her shot at Great Britain dream

A Hartpury student who has been taking dog walking to a whole new level through the unusual sport of canicross will take on Europe’s elite after being picked for Great Britain.