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College News 20Jun 2016

Pilot programme with mission to improve marks sees Hartpury student success soar

Pilot programme with mission to improve marks sees Hartpury student success soar

A new centre aimed at boosting achievement and students’ chances of securing their dream job is proving a hit at Hartpury thanks to a groundbreaking new programme.


A new Student Achievement and Graduate Employability (SAGE) programme piloted by Hartpury’s new Achievement and Success Centre has seen assignment and exam marks soar for our University Centre students.


The new programme has been designed with the aim of increasing students’ skills, confidence and academic performance as well as their chances of getting their dream job and succeeding in the workplace when they graduate.


Hartpury was one of 25 out of 80 institutions to secure funding to run the new programme, which has three strands: knowledge and intellectual skills, personal effectiveness and career development.


Students have the opportunity to choose which sessions they go to, tailoring the programme to suit their own needs and ambitions and to address any gaps in their skills.


A pilot of the programme exceeded all expectations, with students that attended workshops around strategies to boost their performance in exams scoring 21% higher than those that did not attend the workshops.


Students attending workshops relating to academic skills also found their marks boosted. Those that attended three sessions achieved, on average, 19% higher marks than those not choosing to access this additional support.


Kate Mori, Head of Teaching and Learning at Hartpury (Higher Education), said: “The SAGE programme underpins all of the work that we do at the new Achievement and Success Centre at Hartpury. The one-to-one support we offer our students helps them to create and deliver an individual plan to improve themselves, both academically and in their personal development.


“After the really encouraging success of the initial trial, the SAGE programme will now be rolled out and offered to all University Centre students in the next academic year. We were also invited to present the findings from the pilot at the Higher Education Academy’s Strategic Excellence Initiative for Vice Chancellors and Principals at a major conference in London.”


07 Oct 2016 College News

Hundreds of Hartpury students head off to hard-hitting road safety roadshow

What if…you got in your car today and never made it home? What if…you got the call to say your loved one had been involved in a road traffic collision (RTC)?

15 Sep 2016 College News

From road safety and resuscitation, Hartpury students learn how to stay safe, healthy and happy at Wellfest

There was a real buzz around the Hartpury campus today (September 15th) as students enjoyed a fun and fact-filled day dedicated to the wellbeing of their minds and bodies.

08 Sep 2016 College News

Roll up for Wellfest! Helping Hartpury students stay safe, happy and healthy

It’s never easy growing up, but Hartpury students will be given all the tools and support they need to stay safe and well at a fun and fact-filled festival this month.

18 Aug 2016 College News

Taking each hurdle as it comes – Animal student Mollie courting Olympic dream after making Worlds bow

With Rio 2016 such a rip-roaring success for Great Britain, a Hartpury Animal Management graduate has her sights fixed on securing her very own Olympic success in four years’ time.