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College News 01May 2015

General Election countdown steps up a gear at Hartpury as students give MP hopefuls a grilling at hustings

General Election countdown steps up a gear at Hartpury as students give MP hopefuls a grilling at hustings

Students had the chance to hear from four of the political candidates standing for election in the Forest of Dean at the hustings in Legends Bar. They were James Greenwood (Green Party), Mark Harper (Conservative), Steven Parry-Hearn (Labour) and Steve Stanbury (UK Independence Party). Chris Coleman (Liberal Democrats) was invited but was, unfortunately, unable to attend.


Each of the candidates had the chance to set out their party’s key policies and their own credentials in a three-minute speech before facing questions from students and staff. They had 90 seconds to respond to each question.


Questions asked covered a range of issues, from tuition fees, student debt, the future funding and potential privatisation of the NHS to the current voting system. The candidates were also quizzed about what sets their party apart from the rest and whether a vote for a ‘minority’ party is a wasted vote.


Janine Fox from Hartpury Students’ Union, who chaired the hustings, said: “With the General Election fast approaching, this was a great opportunity for students to hear more from four of the candidates fighting to be elected as their MP for the Forest of Dean and ask questions about the issues that affect them before casting their vote.


“There were some excellent questions posed and it just goes to show that young people are engaged in politics and the issues affecting local people as well as the things that affect them and their peers.


“We’re committed to doing everything we can to encourage our students to vote and the Students’ Union is on hand to answer any of their questions about the voting process and how they can get more involved.”

07 Oct 2016 College News

Hundreds of Hartpury students head off to hard-hitting road safety roadshow

What if…you got in your car today and never made it home? What if…you got the call to say your loved one had been involved in a road traffic collision (RTC)?

15 Sep 2016 College News

From road safety and resuscitation, Hartpury students learn how to stay safe, healthy and happy at Wellfest

There was a real buzz around the Hartpury campus today (September 15th) as students enjoyed a fun and fact-filled day dedicated to the wellbeing of their minds and bodies.

08 Sep 2016 College News

Roll up for Wellfest! Helping Hartpury students stay safe, happy and healthy

It’s never easy growing up, but Hartpury students will be given all the tools and support they need to stay safe and well at a fun and fact-filled festival this month.

18 Aug 2016 College News

Taking each hurdle as it comes – Animal student Mollie courting Olympic dream after making Worlds bow

With Rio 2016 such a rip-roaring success for Great Britain, a Hartpury Animal Management graduate has her sights fixed on securing her very own Olympic success in four years’ time.