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Animal and Land 22May 2015

Hartpury students given an opportunity to showcase their sheep shearing skills

Hartpury students given an opportunity to showcase their sheep shearing skills

Hartpury’s agriculture students learned the secrets of successful sheep shearing at the college’s new farm.

A group of college and university level Agriculture students gained practical experience on the sheep shearing course. Many of them also achieved an industry-recognised sheep shearing qualification – the Blue Seal award - adding another string to their bow for when they start out on their careers.

The course was run and assessed by the British Wool Marketing Board, with approved assessors overseeing the students as they learned sheep shearing skills and techniques.

As well as learning the most effective and safe sheep shearing methods, they also found out more about shearing equipment, wool care and working with sheep. Then, for their final assessment, the students were required to shear three sheep in 30 minutes at Okle Clifford Farm.

The farm, in Highleadon, has recently been acquired by Hartpury and is providing additional educational opportunities for students to learn about best practice in beef, sheep and arable production, while also playing a leading role in the college’s biodiversity project.

Hartpury Agriculture lecturer, Phil Woodman, said: “Some of the students already had experience of shearing and are already working towards careers that will involve this skill, but others had very little or no experience prior to the course.

“I am extremely proud of the students who participated. The course is a fantastic opportunity for our students and can lead to them securing shearing contracts or finding work abroad.

“Giving our students practical experience and supporting them to achieve qualifications and skills outside of their course means they are a step ahead when they are looking for a career in the agricultural industry when they leave us.”

Austen Penfold, one of the students involved, said: ‘It was my first time sheep shearing and the hands-on practical experience was really interesting and enjoyable. I am not from a farming background so, for me, this was a great opportunity to gain a valuable skill while increasing my knowledge.”

27 Oct 2016 Animal and Land

Limelight lands on Hartpury’s lambs

Lambs were in the limelight when Katie Brian of the Agriculture and Development Board (AHDB) visited Hartpury to talk to some of our agriculture students.

26 Oct 2016 Animal and Land

Happy Halloween from Hartpury! Gloucester Rugby stars get an early fright up close to collection’s critters!

Some of Gloucester Rugby biggest stars and their families headed to Hartpury today to get up close and personal with the College’s cuddly and not so cuddly residents!

18 Oct 2016 Animal and Land

No more tilling – it’s time for direct drilling at Hartpury!

Hartpury Agriculture students had their eyes opened to an alternative approach to sowing the seeds of the future.

17 Oct 2016 Animal and Land

Brexit and beyond –student farmers consider the future of agriculture outside the EU

Hartpury’s student farmers of the future weighed in on the debate and discussions surrounding agriculture in post-Brexit Britain during a talk with local experts.