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Animal and Land 09May 2016

Wildlife wonders waiting to be discovered at Hartpury’s BioBlitz

Wildlife wonders waiting to be discovered at Hartpury’s BioBlitz

Hartpury is giving young people the chance to become wildlife explorers and embark on an animal adventure covering the whole college campus.

The college is hosting a 25-hour BioBlitz event from 10am Friday, May 20th, giving people the rare opportunity to explore Hartpury’s 360-hectare estate, discovering a wealth of species of mammals, birds, insects, and plants.

In the morning, primary school pupils will take part in a range of interactive activities while A-Level and BTEC Diploma students from a range of schools and colleges will be completing survey work in the afternoon alongside a team of experienced naturalists and wildlife watchers to assist in a real scientific expedition.

Overnight, there will be bat and moth surveys before a dawn chorus walk and small mammal trapping on Saturday provides the event’s exciting finale.

Along with the variety of adventures planned there will be arts and crafts, competitions, family activities and face painting as part of the programme.

Lucy Clarke, Subject Manager for Animal Science at Hartpury, said: “It’s great to be able to host an event like this. There is going to be such a great variety of activities that there will be something for everyone to get involved with and learn from.

“For younger children there is the opportunity to identify all sorts of animals and insects that they could find in their back garden, while the more experienced and older students can help complete survey work.”

The BioBlitz event is being run in conjunction with the Bristol Natural History Consortium. They are hosting nationwide events to collect data that will enable them to create local and national databases that will help with the monitoring of wildlife and future conservation work.

To find out more about Hartpury’s BioBlitz, please visit: http://www.bnhc.org.uk/?post_type=bioblitz&p=8365or follow @HartBioBlitz on Twitter. There are also still a few places available for schools to attend (Year 6 or Year 12). If you are interested in bringing a group along, please e-mail lucy.clarke@hartpury.ac.uk

27 Oct 2016 Animal and Land

Limelight lands on Hartpury’s lambs

Lambs were in the limelight when Katie Brian of the Agriculture and Development Board (AHDB) visited Hartpury to talk to some of our agriculture students.

26 Oct 2016 Animal and Land

Happy Halloween from Hartpury! Gloucester Rugby stars get an early fright up close to collection’s critters!

Some of Gloucester Rugby biggest stars and their families headed to Hartpury today to get up close and personal with the College’s cuddly and not so cuddly residents!

18 Oct 2016 Animal and Land

No more tilling – it’s time for direct drilling at Hartpury!

Hartpury Agriculture students had their eyes opened to an alternative approach to sowing the seeds of the future.

17 Oct 2016 Animal and Land

Brexit and beyond –student farmers consider the future of agriculture outside the EU

Hartpury’s student farmers of the future weighed in on the debate and discussions surrounding agriculture in post-Brexit Britain during a talk with local experts.