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Animal and Land 20Nov 2014

Head of Agriculture at Hartpury appointed to IAAP

Head of Agriculture at Hartpury appointed IAAP

Head of Agriculture at Hartpury College, Janatha Stout, is one of the 36 new members to have been appointed to join the Independent Agricultural Appeals Panel (IAAP).

This national panel meets in order to consider appeals against decisions made by the Rural Payments Agency, who are responsible for the majority of funding paid to the farming industry in England.

The IAAP is completely independent from the Rural Payments Agency and is the last stage of the appeal which puts forward recommendations to the Farming Minister before a final decision is made. The panel comprises of members with an extensive range of skills and backgrounds, in order to best deal with each individual case. That way, those making an appeal appreciate that their voice is being heard by people with an understanding of the issues they face.  


Janatha has a strong agricultural background and worked as a lecturer at the Royal Agricultural College and a land agent for the Duchy of Cornwall before joining Hartpury College as Head of Agriculture. 

18 Oct 2016 Animal and Land

No more tilling – it’s time for direct drilling at Hartpury!

Hartpury Agriculture students had their eyes opened to an alternative approach to sowing the seeds of the future.

17 Oct 2016 Animal and Land

Brexit and beyond –student farmers consider the future of agriculture outside the EU

Hartpury’s student farmers of the future weighed in on the debate and discussions surrounding agriculture in post-Brexit Britain during a talk with local experts.


11 Oct 2016 Animal and Land

Does a harness help make a happy dog? Hartpury research team investigates

What’s the best way to walk your dog? A team of Hartpury researchers have been comparing collars to harnesses to investigate the impact on canine behaviour and comfort.


11 Oct 2016 Animal and Land

Unlocking the secrets of the soil: new technology helps Hartpury’s agricultural innovators dig deep into future of farming

Agricultural technicians have been digging deep on Hartpury’s farms to scan the fields and map the soils; using state of the art technology to ensure that the College can make the most of every inch of the land.