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College News 06Nov 2014

Kosovo counting on Hartpury for educational development

Kosovo counting on Hartpury for educational development

Hartpury is set to help a Kosovan university make the leap into 21st Century education by sharing the secrets of its success as part of a potential new international partnership.

The University of Prishtina in Kosovo is seeking to build up a knowledge base to help bring its teaching methods and research expertise in line with other leading Western European nations.

Hartpury has been cited as one of the possible bases from which vital information will be shared with Prishtina, which currently teaches courses in a range of subjects from economics and law to veterinary, agriculture and sports sciences.

The campus was recently visited by the University of Prishtina’s Dean, Dr Sadik Krasniqi, who met with Vice Principal John Deane and Chris Potter, Head of the Higher Education Sport department, to discuss how Prishtina’s Faculty of Physical Education and Sport department might work with Hartpury and benefit from developing closer links.

“We’re very keen to share our educational experiences and to continue to build our relationships with universities overseas. This potential link with Prishtina is an opportunity for us to continue to do this and for information and expertise to pass in both directions to benefit both institutions. We’re looking forward to working closely with them in the future.”

Long term tensions in Serbia, which resulted in Kosovo becoming an independent state in 2008, left universities like Prishtina out of the loop in terms of educational developments over the last 20 to 30 years.

Kosovo has fallen behind in major changes to the quality of education and in research development during this time period. They are now hoping that through international

partnerships like the provisional one with Hartpury, they will be in a stronger position to bring their offering in line with other western nations.

07 Oct 2016 College News

Hundreds of Hartpury students head off to hard-hitting road safety roadshow

What if…you got in your car today and never made it home? What if…you got the call to say your loved one had been involved in a road traffic collision (RTC)?

15 Sep 2016 College News

From road safety and resuscitation, Hartpury students learn how to stay safe, healthy and happy at Wellfest

There was a real buzz around the Hartpury campus today (September 15th) as students enjoyed a fun and fact-filled day dedicated to the wellbeing of their minds and bodies.

08 Sep 2016 College News

Roll up for Wellfest! Helping Hartpury students stay safe, happy and healthy

It’s never easy growing up, but Hartpury students will be given all the tools and support they need to stay safe and well at a fun and fact-filled festival this month.

18 Aug 2016 College News

Taking each hurdle as it comes – Animal student Mollie courting Olympic dream after making Worlds bow

With Rio 2016 such a rip-roaring success for Great Britain, a Hartpury Animal Management graduate has her sights fixed on securing her very own Olympic success in four years’ time.