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Animal and Land 08Oct 2014

Richard’s herding to the top as world’s best young shepherd

Richard’s herding to the top as world’s best young shepherd

Former Hartpury student Richard Carter claimed his place as one of the world’s best young shepherds after he and team-mate Sam Bullingham took top spot for England at the World Young Shepherd Challenge.

Held in France, Richard and Sam finished top of 16 nations in the Over-21s contest, as a first and fifth placed finish between them was enough to secure the gold medal position.

Richard, 22, from Newent, studied for a National Diploma in Agriculture at the college before graduating in 2012. His team’s victory was the second-straight triumph for England with the World Young Shepherd Challenge only in its second year.

Richard was required to complete a written test and a series of practical tasks, including sorting ewes, hoof trimming, ewe body condition scoring, assessing lamb weights, handling, shearing and quad-bike driving.

The World Young Shepherds Challenge marks the culmination of the National Sheep Association (NSA) Young Shepherd of the Year Competition. All eight UK contestants for the world final were selected through the regional rounds of the NSA competition, held at NSA events over the past two years.

The two highest placed native contestants in the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish contests earned places in the World Challenge, while the two best placed English competitors in the national final at NSA Sheep Event were chosen to go forward.

09 Dec 2016 Animal and Land

Hearths of Hartpury villagers will keep burning bright thanks to student firewood delivery

Hartpury students put their wood-chopping skills to good use and delivered dozens of bags of firewood to the Hartpury village community in time for Christmas.

09 Dec 2016 Animal and Land

Creature comforts just in time for Christmas!

Everyone spruces up their home ready to welcome Christmas guests and now some of Hartpury’s animal residents have received the gift of a festive makeover!

08 Dec 2016 Animal and Land

Hartpury’s unique deer herd sees students get hands on with Rudolph and company!

Most of Hartpury’s agriculture students are used to handling lambs and calves but a new initiative at the college – the only one of its kind in the country – is seeing them get hands on with a herd of deer, with Rudolph leading the way!

06 Dec 2016 Animal and Land

Hartpury’s farming entrepreneurs banking on budding business ideas

Our third year agriculture students got the opportunity to expand their entrepreneurial experience when advisors from NatWest visited Hartpury.