Hartpury College



Hartpury is the UK’s premier sport and education setting. It offers anyone looking to pursue their passion for sport the chance to study on a specialist campus.You'll be surrounded by first-class facilities as well as students and staff whose passion for the sports industry will help you to reach your full potential.

Our aspiring elite athletes are supported and developed in a professional training and playing environment offering first-class facilities, specialist support services and a high standard of education. Students wanting to develop their professional sports career will benefit from studying in an environment that is dedicated to elite sport development. You’ll be learning from people that know what it takes to build successful teams and manage the complex sporting infrastructure that operates behind the scenes to support elite athletes.

Hartpury has long-standing partnerships and networks with elite clubs and organisations from the UK and across the world.  We use these contacts to ensure our students get real-world experience during their study.  Our sports students get opportunities to take the theory and insights from the classroom and applying them in the work environment.