Hartpury College

Professional Support

We’ve worked hard to develop the perfect all-round package designed to take you to the next level.

The level of support offered at Hartpury is designed to mirror a professional sport setup. With your elite squad membership you will have regular access to a range of professional services created to develop and improve you as an all-round player.

As part of the elite squad you can expect regular contact with industry professionals, including:

  • Analysis – supporting you to strengthen all areas of your game
  • Club Links – the perfect way to gain knowledge and experience in the professional game
  • Coaching – forward thinking, creative and innovative coaches who’ll test your technical development and understanding of the game
  • Nutrition – making sure you perform at your best by staying healthy and active
  • Physiotherapy – specialists on hand to keep you at your physical peak
  • Scholarships – making sure that costs don’t get in the way of your success
  • Sports Psychology – developing your ability to cope with pressure when it matters
  • Strength & Conditioning – ensuring you’re prepared for the physical challenge of competition
  • Tailor made timetables – so you can be at your best on and off the pitch

All of the above support services are collected and monitored in our bespoke player management database. This central system allows the appropriate staff to identify areas of development to ensure our athletes perform at their optimum level.

Students who are not part of the elite squad can still expect to benefit from high-quality coaching, tailor made timetables and a competitive level of football designed around individual player development. They will also have access to selected support services like physiotherapy, if needed, on a session-by-session basis.