Hartpury College


Intelligent Youth Athlete Development (IYAD) at Hartpury 


IYAD is an innovation hub which will bring together experts from a range of disciplines and backgrounds all committed to developing the ‘intelligent’ youth athletes. 

The aim of the hub is to propose and implement the optimum framework to develop healthy, capable, resilient, adaptable and positive athletes, who enjoy performing and succeeding in their chosen sport; and to provide the right support to enable them to be the best they can be on and off the field.

Delivered by leading Hartpury academics and coaches, the hub will work with young athletes, parents, coaches and sports governing bodies. It involves physical, mental and emotional wellness.

The focus and impact of IYAD’s complementary areas of applied research will be:

  •          MAKING MYSELF – the fitness of the athlete’s body, their physical attributes, strength and conditioning and nutrition
  •          MY MULTIPLE SELF – the ability to adapt to the context and flourish during training, performance and when reviewing outcomes
  •          MY KNOWN SELF – developing emotional competence, using positive emotions in action and showing strength of character

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You will be able to find the latest information about IYAD on this webpage. We’ll keep the page updated with details of upcoming seminars and conferences and to provide information on the consultancy services and potential PhD opportunities available.

The latest research linked to the IYAD hub will also be made available to download from this page.

If you are interested in finding out more about how IYAD could help you and your athletes, please contact Dr James McCarron on james.mccarron@hartpury.ac.uk