Hartpury College

Learning Support (University)

Our University students turn to learning support for a variety of reasons; many simply finding the leap from school to university academically challenging. This is no surprise as the way you learn, study and are assessed is likely to be very different to anything you have experienced within the school environment. Some of our undergraduate and postgraduate students are returning to study after a long break, they may have rusty study skills and perhaps lack confidence and belief in their academic abilities. We also have students with specific learning difficulties/disabilities.

At Hartpury, we understand these issues and take pride in the outstanding level of support we can offer all of our students. We are committed to responding to individual learning support and / or disability needs and have resources available to ensure that all prospective students have access to individual guidance and advice. Any concerns will be discussed with you in your initial personal tutorial.

If you have (or think you may have) a specific learning difficulty such as dyslexia or dyspraxia, a physical or sensory impairment, medical condition or another specific difficulty such as Asperger’s Syndrome or Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) you may be eligible for Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSAs). These allowances are funded through Student Finance (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland)   We would advise that you also disclose your disability on your application form and apply for DSAs as early as possible. Please be assured that this will not affect your application.

Our Disability Adviser will support you in making this application and help you to collect the evidence required to support your claim. Making a DSA claim is necessary to secure funding in order to finance support such as study skills tuition, ICT equipment and software, as well as medical support equipment. We believe that having the right support in place as early as possible will enable you to study and reach your full academic potential.

Please contact Learning Support on +44(0)1452 702447 if you would like any advice or guidance regarding this process