Outreach: schools and colleges

Outreach: Schools and Colleges

At Hartpury, we believe that everyone should be provided with the chance to experience university life so that they can understand exactly what is on offer in higher education. The main focus for the team in outreach is to ensure we inspire, motivate and empower young people. This will help them make the right decision to suit their individual ‘wants, needs and aspirations’ and ultimately reach their full potential.

We aim to provide a wide range of important initiatives such as subject taster days, student life talks, presentations, and subject masterclasses. We are an enthusiastic team supported by highly qualified lecturers who enjoy inspiring young minds both on campus and in schools. We work closely with schools, colleges, teachers and careers advisors to ensure individuals are provided with innovative activities designed to raise aspirations and enhance the awareness and benefits of higher education. We work hard to develop strong relationships for targeted outreach work to ensure all young people have opportunities regardless of their background.

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Engagement Activities

The 'Discover Hartpury' programme works within the Gloucestershire area and beyond to widen participation in education and promote dream careers. We are able to offer a diverse range of opportunities to suit the wants and needs of individuals.

Our range of activities include:

  • Subject Taster Experience Days
  • Workshops
  • Subject Masterclasses
  • Assemblies
  • Talks on Careers Pathways
  • Campus tours
  • Student Life Talks
  • Career FE/HE fairs
  • UCAS exhibitions

All interested schools, colleges and training providers can complete the enquiry form to request further details. We also welcome individual requests to cater for bespoke requirements.

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Menu of Opportunity

At Hartpury, we can offer a range of workshops and programmes. They are all designed to widen participation in and improve understanding of higher education by raising awareness and inspiring students to make their passion their future.

These include subject specific workshops in agriculture, animal, equine and sport, as well as outreach workshops, ranging from interview techniques and writing a personal statement, to student life and interactive campus tours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hartpury University and Hartpury College have a wide range of outstanding facilities, courses and student success stories.

If you haven't seen us at a UCAS fair or were unable to make your own school or college's career fair, we have picked our most popular asked questions at these events and put them onto one page.

Read through our frequently asked questions to see if we can answer any queries you have.

Frequently Asked Questions

The GROWs network

At Hartpury, we are very proud to be one of six partners in the GROWS Gloucestershire network where we work together to engage and support schools with outreach activities. They are part of the National Collaborative Outreach Programme (NCOP) and The Gloucestershire Aspiration Programme (GAP) delivered by GROWS, has been put into place to support the educational goals of the government.

The GROWS network helps students aged 11 - 18 to achieve their potential and to raise awareness of the different routes (academic, vocational and work based) into Higher Education (HE). The network aims to enable students to become both motivated and confident about their learning and progression as well as how to make informed decisions about their future.

All future events held on University campuses and activities provided in schools can be found on the GROWs website.

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UCAS Exhibitions

Hartpury attends various UCAS Fairs across the United Kingdom, where we are able to answer any questions you have and can provide you with both advice and guidance.

Our 2020 fairs have currently been postponed. Please use the link below for the latest updates.

subject Education Hubs

In the outreach team, we have created four exciting education hubs that we hope will ignite your passion in one or more of our subjects. Each hub contains a range of activities you can download and complete in your own time.

Click the links below to explore the hub pages where you will find interactive quizzes, word searches, interesting fact files and much more.

Agriculture Education Hub Animal Education Hub

Equine Education Hub Sport Education Hub