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At Hartpury, we believe that everyone should be provided with the chance to experience university life and understand exactly what higher education has to offer.

This page allows you to discover different topics linked to university such as the benefits of university, choosing the right university for you and student life.

The team has been busy creating fun and interesting activities for you to explore and feel inspired. They include a quiz on student finance, true-or-false facts about personal statements to an interactive presentation on research skills.

We hope you enjoy these activities, which can support your learning and help develop your understanding about life as a university student.

Why go to university?

University is one of the options available to you once you have finished your A-Levels or college course but what are the benefits of going to university?

University is about much more than gaining a qualification. Explore whether university is the right choice for you by taking part in our activities that investigate the benefits of going to university and what you can gain from the experience.

VIDEO: Not sure on how to choose the right university for you? Watch our video for 5 top tips on how to do just that.


The journey of your UCAS application for university is driven by key deadlines throughout the academic year and it is never too early to get started. Make sure you fully understand not only the timeline of each stage of your UCAS application, but also what is involved by completing this interactive quiz.

The UCAS timeline Quiz
TRUE OR FALSE: Personal statements

Writing a personal statement is a crucial part of your UCAS application, so you need to know the dos and dont's. Improve your understanding of how to write a personal statement by answering these true or false questions. So can you use bullet points to make information stand out? Find out here.

Personal statements
INTERACTIVE QUIZ: Student finance

Confused about funding for higher education? This quiz will test your knowledge on all things student finance and is a good starting point if you are unsure about the funding system. Find out the difference between loans and grants and understand how the repayment system works.

Student Finance

VIDEO: Let's talk about being resilient at university. Watch our short video where it identifies 5 top tips on developing your own resilience.

Student life at university

From accommodation and teaching, to life outside of lectures, it is always valuable to know more about what life as a university student is really like and to understand key experiences such as Freshers' week or the summer ball for students.

This activity will provide you with definitions and key terms you will hear most frequently in relation to life at university. What is an undergraduate? What are the halls of residence?

Click on the button below to solve a variety of anagrams to find out more about what student life at university could be like for you.

Student life

Improve your research skills across a variety of topics, ready for writing your own research projects at university. Activities will include exploring mind maps, filling in questionnaires and having a go at web-based challenges. We also provide key definitions and a few tips and tricks on research techniques to help you further.

Research Skills

Your CV highlights your achievements, skills and talent. It can help you get an interview for a university work placement or your dream job, so it is worth investing your time when writing yours. This interactive presentation shows you what to include and will help you create a strong format and impactful CV.

Create a CV
CROSSWORD: Interview tips

Your first-ever interview might be with your chosen university's admissions team. In order to calm your interview nerves, here is crossword with crucial advice on the best ways to prepare for an interview. It covers guidance for before, during and after the interview to help you feel fully prepared beforehand.

Interview Tips

Graduate destinations

Try this interactive gameshow presentation by testing your knowledge on graduate destinations and the labour market. It will cover facts and key information such as the value of job sectors, skills shortages and job roles in demand.

Remember to have the sound on when playing this game, it will make it more fun.

Do you know how many students went to university in 2018? Or what was the highest paid graduate job in 2019? Click the button below to find out more by taking this quiz.

Graduate destinations

VIDEO: When thinking about your next steps, it is important to consider your online presence. Watch our video to understand more about your digital footprint.

We hope you enjoyed our online activities.

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Answer sheets

Want to check how well you did in our activities? Click on the relevant link below to find out the answer to two of our activities. 

1. Crossword - Interview tips

2. True or False - Personal statements

Our other activities have all of their answers within the task. 

Helpful links

What Uni?

Helps UK students find the right university and course, plus student reviews, university videos, open day information and advice. Visit here.


UCAS stands for Universities and Colleges Admissions Service. It's the centralised service that students use to apply to university. Visit here.

Student finance 

Understand student loans or student grants for tuition fees and living costs, extra help, student loan repayments. Visit here. There is a different process if you're a student from Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.


Prospects guide millions of students to make the right choice in choosing a career. You can match your skills and personality to over 400 different job profiles. Visit here.


Admission enquiries 

If you do require any information such as entry requirements or course information at Hartpury College and Hartpury University, please contact or +44 (0)1452 702 244