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Welcome to our digital education hub for all things Sport.

Benefitting from our renowned sports environment and world-class facilities, we are an Ofsted Outstanding college in the heart of Gloucestershire on our 360-hectare estate.

At Hartpury College, our sport diplomas cover fitness, physical education and coaching, and science, as well as specific sporting disciplines, including football, golf and rugby, linked to some of our high-performance Sports Academies. We’ll support you to become the best version of yourself.

At Hartpury University, not only will you benefit from working with top-level coaches, sport and exercise scientists, nutritionists, sport therapists and athletes, you could work alongside and support professional athletes, as well as the people involved in community and school sports. You will graduate with valuable skills to succeed in a range of different careers. Our outstanding sports facilities also mean you can develop your skills as an industry specialist would. You can find out more about our incredible facilities below.

We hope you enjoy our sports-themed activities and take the opportunity to explore what Hartpury University and Hartpury College has to offer.

Interactive Quizzes

Students in football coaching session

Why not test out your sport knowledge with one of our online quizzes? You have three to choose from, so simply click on the links below and see how many answers you can get right.

Sport Quiz

Sport Nutrition Quiz

Golf Quiz

Careers in Sport

Coaching session with Alumni student

Interested in finding out about where a sport degree can take you?

We have created a PowerPoint providing examples of job opportunities for sport students and some 'true or false' questions to test your knowledge. Click to find out more about what the future could hold for you.

Careers in Sport

The Respiratory System

Student having oxygen levels monitored

The respiratory system is the system of organs that work together in order for us to use the oxygen we breathe in for energy. Use this worksheet to find out more and see if you can label the respiratory system correctly.


Bones in the Body

Sports Therapy practical

A human being has 206 bones in their body, the largest being in the leg, the smallest in the ear. Use our bones worksheet below to see if you can identify each bone and label the skeleton correctly.


Vitamin Match Up

Student prepping food in the nutrition kitchen

Vitamins are vital to ensure that our bodies stay healthy and function correctly. Different vitamins provide different benefits for us, but can you match up each vitamin with their use and which foods they can be found in?


The Game of Rugby

Rubgy ball

How well do you know your rugby? Test your knowledge of player numbers and positions and see if you can answer our questions on rugby union using the link below.


Interesting Sport Facts


As the saying goes, you learn something new every day. Here, you can learn facts and statistics about the sporting industry that you may not have known.

Facts about Sport

The Game of Football

Football about to be kicked

How well do you know your football? Test your knowledge of player positions and definitions and find out more about what Hartpury has to offer using the link below.

The Game of Football


At Hartpury, we want to help you to become the best you can be and that includes supporting your health and wellbeing.  Regular physical activity has been proven to be a great way of boosting your mental health, as well as providing physical benefits.

Whether it’s walking our therapy dog Ralph around our breathtaking campus, taking part in spin classes or playing sports such as volleyball and basketball, the ‘Get Hartpury Active’ project has opportunities to suit you and your friends and is your place to play sports for fun and take part in fitness activities. Regardless of what you choose to study, the Hartpury Active programme was made to enhance your Hartpury experience through sport and physical activity.

Check out the opportunities available to students, as well as some top tips on the Hartpury Active social media pages:



Hartpury Active logo Students doing Yoga


To help give you an idea of the opportunities out there for you after school, three of our sports students, Zoe, Abbie and Phil, have discussed their student experiences.

They give a first-hand account of what it’s like being a sport student at Hartpury. They discuss the opportunities provided to them by Hartpury, such as industry experience and their aspirations.


Zoe Aldcroft – Student experience blog

Zoe studied sport at both Hartpury College and Hartpury University. She is now an international rugby player, but she is also the newly-crowned England women's player of the year (2020).

Read Blog
Abbie Brown

Abbie Brown – Student experience blog

Since graduating from Hartpury, Abbie has gone on to play rugby for England, even competing at the Rio Olympics. Find out how her time at Hartpury helped her achieve her dream.

Phil Hallsworth working in our sports labs

Phil Hallsworth – Student experience blog

Phil is gaining the skills and experience to launch a career working with elite athletes. He's here to share his story and experiences as a first-year BSc Sport and Exercise Sciences student.



We've invested over £10 million into our Sports Academy, including technology that you won’t find anywhere else in the UK. We’ve also got scientific kit that you’ll find at Premier League and NFL clubs’ training centres.

Students are able to put theory into practice using our 1,500m2 multi-sports hall, 3G pitches, rugby and football pitches, courts and power and cross-training gyms.

In addition to this, our biomechanics lab, human performance lab and rehabilitation suite host technology such as:

  • Altitude chamber
  • Anti-gravity treadmill
  • 3D cameras to track body movements
  • High-resolution digital mirror technology - the only one of its kind at an educational institution in the UK
  • Massage beds and tables for therapy teaching
  • Tartan running track fitted with under-floor force plates

Every aspect of our specialist campus is designed to equip students with the skills, knowledge and experience they need to open the door to their dream career.


Interested in seeing more of our campus? Why not explore our 360-hectare specialist campus by taking our Virtual Tour.


We offer a variety of sports degrees to suit your career aspirations, whether it's working closely with athletes on their performance, health or rehabilitation, inspiring the next generation of sports people through coaching and PE, or setting up your own business.

We're home to top-level coaches, outstanding sports facilities and we have excellent links with sports clubs, schools and national governing bodies to ensure you have everything you need to succeed.

You’ll never be short of exciting ways to prepare yourself for your future career in sport.

   Want to study a sport degree?

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Hartpury student with primary school children in our outdoor classroom

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Sports Academies at Hartpury

Over 200 international athletes have developed their talents with us over the past 10 years. You could be our next success story. We offer a highly driven sports environment, world-class facilities and professional coaching and support services.

If you’re playing sport competitively, or you have the talent and drive to do so, you may want to join one of our Sports Academies. You'll be supported to achieve excellence in your sporting area and your academic studies.

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If you do have any further questions, you can contact us on or call 01452 702303.

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