Oliver Grainger-Williams

Generation EasyJet MPL (Multi-Crew Pilot Licence) training programme

My Hartpury experience

Hartpury is a beautiful campus that offered me the option to continue studies in the fields that my job required as well as being offered the opportunity to be part of the outstanding rugby programme. I studied A-levels in Maths, Physics and Physical Education at Hartpury and enjoyed the mix of lab and classroom sessions.

Hartpury helped me grow my independence and social skills as it introduced me from living away from home for the first time. I made incredible lifelong friendships and have the best memories.

What I do now

I am currently doing the generation EasyJet MPL programme which began with seven months of ground-school in Oxford. I've also got to practice flying a range of different aircrafts in Arizona, USA. Now I’ve moved into the jet specific style, flying in simulators with multi-crew flight decks. I’m about to begin the A320 ground-school, EasyJet’s main aircraft, before I’m assigned my base in Europe. I’m really excited to fly my first passengers in the near future.

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