Olivia Oakeley

International Dressage Rider and Freelance Trainer

Olivia studied A-Levels at Hartpury and is now an international dressage rider and a freelance trainer. She has competed nationally and internationally for Great Britain since the age of 12. She's been a member of the World Class Potential Start Programme since 2010 and her ultimate aim is to represent Great Britain at the Olympic Games and win a medal.

Olivia's Hartpury Experience

"Coming to Hartpury meant I didn’t have to choose between furthering my riding and my education as I could do both. The lecturers are really good, the lessons were interesting, and the Equine Academy offered all the support an elite athlete needs, from Strength and Conditioning and Sport Psychology and nutrition. That support enables both rider and horse to be the best they can be and there’s flexibility around studying and competing. The facilities are some of the best in the world too and I have no doubt that without the fantastic training I received from Carl Hester and Nick Burton as part of the equine academy at Hartpury, I wouldn’t have achieved the success I have with my horse, Rio. To have an Olympic judge and a top level competitor working with you on the ground is an amazing thing."