At College level, as well as a wide range of vocational Diplomas in our specialist subject areas, we have a unique A Level offer. All of our courses offer clear progression routes through to university courses and the world of work and have a strong focus on providing you with skills to help you into employment, with all students not only working towards their main qualification, but also the unique Hartpury Certificate.

At University Centre level, we offer Foundation and Honours degrees and postgraduate study in our specialist areas of Equine, Sport, Animal, Agriculture and Veterinary Nursing.

There’s also a wide range of professional courses and training available.

Use the course finder below to find your dream course.

Course Subject Area Level Duration
(MSc, Postgraduate Diploma or Postgraduate Certificate) Equine Science Equine Postgraduate 2 Year
Coaching Science (MSc, Postgraduate Diploma and Postgraduate Certificate) Sport Postgraduate 1 Year
MRes Animal Behaviour and Welfare Animal Postgraduate 1 Year
MRes Anthrozoology Animal Postgraduate 1 Year
MRes Equestrian Performance Equine Postgraduate 1 Year
MSc Applied Strength and Conditioning Sport Postgraduate 1 Year
MSc Professional Development (Coaching Science) Sport Postgraduate 1 Year
MSc Veterinary Physiotherapy Equine, Veterinary Nursing, Animal Postgraduate 3 Year
Postgraduate Certificate Equestrian Performance and Rehabilitation Equine Postgraduate 1 Year
Postgraduate Certificate Equine Behaviour and Welfare Equine Postgraduate 1 Year

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